Our Educational Philosophy

The need for optimum intellectual and social skills to cope in our rapidly changing world has never been greater. The early education and training of our children is essential for developing those skills as individuals and for the stability and development of society in general. The philosophy of education represents the choices, values, knowledge and beliefs of teachers, as well as their aspirations, intentions and aims. It serves to guide and inspire and contributes to determining the detail of the everyday life in the classroom.

The Montessori Curriculum Maria Montessori (1870-1953), the founder of the Montessori Philosophy of education strongly believed in the importance of both hereditary and environmental influences on the development of the child. She was of the view that “A child’s potential for development in a society is greatly influenced by his/her environment.”


  • The first two years of life, the absorbent mind, simply passively absorbed necessary information from the environment. In this period the child possesses the unconscious absorbent mind.
  • After two years, when the child is older and mobile, he/she can go to those elements in the environment that fascinates him/her. The absorbent mind now becomes a conscious instrument.

Montessori includes four major developmental skills in the educational learning process for preschoolers which are: Sensorial (development of the five senses), Practical Life Experiences (development of self-help skills), Language Arts (to help children read and spell short words), and Mathematics (introduce quantity and symbols of math, sequencing, awareness of shape and sorting). Other categories have now been added i.e. Botany, Computers, Geography, French, Art and Music.

Toddler Room

Program and Curricular Objectives


  • To provide a structural environment in which Montessori and Progressive philosophies of education are carefully integrated.
  • To give each child ample opportunities to experience success, which is important in the growing and adjusting experience.
  • To help children develop a sense of self-esteem, trust and belonging, by exhibiting a positive attitude towards life.
  • To encourage active learning by providing experiences through manipulating objects, sensorial, exploration, and simply by playing.
  • To provide a balanced curriculum that supports and stimulates children to develop to their maximum potential by growth and development in all areas i.e. socio-emotional, intellectual, and physical.
  • To organize activities and plan possibilities that will elicit and support their interest, and that will extend and move them into richer learning and experiencing.
  • To provide unstructured and open-ended materials such as clay, paint, water, blocks, wood, crayons and paper – and activities such as cooking, planning trips, crafting.
  • To respect the mental, physical, spiritual, and ethical values of each child individually.
  • To help each child start the education process in a positive, supportive, healthy and safe environment.

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